About Me

Here are some quick facts.

Yes, for 36 years.

Two adult children.

Older than you – and maybe your grandmother.

In the summer of 2011, I moved from Washington DC to Brooklyn, New York.  I liked DC a lot.  But New York is more exciting.  I guess an interesting thing about me is that I’ve lived in cities all over.  I grew up in Philly, and as an adult I’ve lived in Boston, DC, and Oakland, California.

Favorite things? 

  • The NY subway.  I am a huge fan.  You see so many different kinds of people.  For a short time, they’re all sharing the same small space, but they’re all going someplace different.  It’s great inspiration for a writer.  I look at the riders and try to imagine their personalities and their lives, their struggles and dreams.  It’s like 30 or 40 stories, all riding around together.  Amazing.
  • Street art.  I know graffiti gets a bad rap, and sometimes the message can be ugly and insulting.  But it can also be beautiful, fun and interesting.  I like the idea of public art in unexpected places. On the other hand, if it were my wall someone was painting, I’d probably feel differently.
  • Nature.  Even though I love the city, I also really like hiking and camping.  This is something my husband and I do  together.  Nature is kind of like church for me.  It calms me and helps me put my life in perspective.   I think wild places are more important to people than they realize.

What about sports?
I like to watch basketball and track and downhill skiing.  I love seeing people put out so much effort and use their bodies so hard.  I was never an athlete until I turned 50. That’s when I learned how to row and joined a team and competed and even won a few medals.  BTW, I don’t know why it is, but rowing teams practice really early.  So, for 10 years, I was awake at 6:00 every morning and rowing on the Potomac River in DC when the sun came up.  (See? I am older than your grandmother.)

Things I’m proud of?

  • My kids.  They turned out pretty well.  They’re kind and smart, and they do useful work.
  • My husband.  He’s a good guy and knows how to make me laugh.  He gives me a lot of support in my writing which I really appreciate because sometimes it means he has to make dinner.
  • My career.  I’ve been a teacher for most of my life.  In fact, I’ve taught at every level from pre-school through college. Middle school is the hardest.  It’s a tough stage in life.  Kids this age have so many things to figure out about themselves and the world and where they’re supposed to fit in.
  • Nowhere to Run.  It turned out pretty well too.