Student Reviews/Responses

Teens should read this book because it’s a powering and learning experience for what teens should know about. Just like a guide to life in your teenage years. Learning about the way to live and not going down the wrong road in life. So read this book. It’s a great learning thing for yourself and whomever you choose to read it with.
So read the book!
– K.

Deej has taught me that you shouldn’t drop out of school so early. He has also taught me that you shouldn’t make your friends do something they don’t want to do.
– C. T.

In the book called Nowhere to Run, I think that Calvin have taught me a good lesson by not smoking and not following in other people footsteps. I think that by getting suspended for smoking outside of school and doing it with one of my good friends can lead me to a bad place in life.
– M.

While reading “Nowhere to Run” in Calvin’s experience, I have learned that if you wanna have or keep something you really are into, don’t waste your time doing something that will get you in trouble or that will effect your career and make it go to waste. Also, before you talk or say something, know what you say out your mouth before you say it so that you do not hurt anyone feelings, about how they think about you. But to always lead on the right path.
– J.

Dear Deej,
I think that you shouldn’t be following around with Norris P.
You are being a bad example to Calvin. Calvin has a future ahead
of him and you do too but you have to keep yourself in school.
– M.

Dear Calvin,
I hate that I can’t see you but it’s better that we don’t.
You always going to be with Deej and your life is going
to go downhill. You might be in jail one day. I don’t
want that for you. I don’t want to be around that
so it’s better for you and us like this.
Love Always,
– W.

Dear Junior,
In one of the chapters, Calvin said he wished that you and him could just do it and you agreed on it. If you had permission to lose your virginity, would you have lost it to Calvin?
– E.


Be honest, trustworthy, and accepting the challenges
And facing a hard world that is cruel and unfair
Not letting dreams pass you by.
And you know nothing is impossible
And you never give up the opportunities.
That is loyalty.
– A.

The Gun Powered.
Calvin was flying down the track field.
in his mind he was forcing and focusing towards
the finish line. When the finish line meet Calvin’s
eyes he ran like it was no tomorrow. He cross the
finish line and he stopped and was looking around
with his hands in the air and people clapping and
screaming “Calvin. Calvin.”
– T.

Deej to Calvin: I Wish I Was There (a song)

It was just yesterday when we laughed and played.
We got in trouble together but we overcame.
I don’t know what to do!
I wish I could be at your side
take all your pain away.
Tell you not to be afraid,
Encourage you to be brave,
Tell you to think about winning the race,
And not Norris P.

I wish I was there to help you win,
Never gotten into this.
I could hold your hand and be a good friend.
Yeah, yeah. I feel like a bad friend.
I should have stood up to my cuz,
To be by my boy’s side.
– M.